click 帮同事发文,招聘实习生: IBM Research China is looking for undergraduate and graduate computer science/engineering students who are interested in Big Data Analytics development and performance optimizations works.

most common antidepressants in South Africa Location: Beijing
Job Tile: Research Intern
Job Openings: 1-2
Expected Duration: at least 3 months (full time)

buy wellbutrin 150 mg for depression Job responsibilities:
– Develop text mining solutions such as Topic Detection and Tracking (TDT).
– Write Apache MapReduce user function code to implement Social Network Analysis (SNA), Machine Learning and Text Mining algorithms.
– Tune and optimize the performance of Apache MapReduce/HDFS based analytics workload on POWER7.
– Publish high quality research papers to report your work.

best medication for bacterial infection Required skills:
– Knowledge of 1) Parallel Computing and Distributed Systems or 2) Machine Learning and Data Mining
– Knowledge of Java
– Familiarity with Linux as development and testing environments.
– Experience of Apache Hadoop will be a plus. We also encourage exceptional students to generate and implement their own ideas about Big Data Analytics related works over the course of internship.

cheapest price for augmentin If you’re interested, please feel free to drop us an email to with your resume.


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