Launched my master thesis finally

best medication for bipolar with least side effects Today I talked with my supervisor again and finally and officially launched my Master Thesis!

follow The next coming 12 months I will focus on developing a methodology on analyzing the performance bottleneck of large-scale multi-threaded software. I am really excited in the challenging problem about how to find the performance bottleneck when we are moving to many-core systems with hundreds of threads running concurrently. There will be a lot of fun and I believe I can learn a lot from it.

where to buy luvox 50 mg Another fun thing is, in the project plan written by my supervisor, the total budget is written as “81 000 KSEK” incorrectly, I hope Ericsson will not notice that mistake and if so, they have to pay a lot of  money to us since they have approved this project:)

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    Nop, I came back in France by the end of august. Now, I’m seeking a job in the south of France. I finally got my master degree!


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