Thank you from G.C. Guancheng Chen

Dear friends, colleagues and mentors,

Tomorrow (Jun 30th, 2015) will be my last working day at IBM Research – China. When I decided to join CRL in April 2011, I considered this adventure as a world-leading industry PhD program in the most interesting market – China. Instead of continuing my academic career as a regular PhD with my advisor Prof. Per Stenstrom, I was more interested in making real impact in real business world. Four years later, I would say I was so lucky to have enjoyed a fantastic journey with you who not only helped me, inspired me, encouraged me, mentored me, but also become life long friend with me.

Last week I visited IBM Reserach – Almaden, and I saw a saying on the lobby wall: “Science and data to extend human capability”. IBM Research was no doubt a remarkable organization for disruptive innovation in the human history. I am so proud that I could get the chance to work with you on being essential to our society. After my graduation from IBM Research, I will start a new adventure of building cool big data technology in OneAPM, a startup that has many common interest with me. Hope what I learned from CRL could help me become a person that can shape the world to come in some degree.

Please allow me to take the opportunity to thank you all for all your kind support during the years. Life is a long long journey, we will definitely have chance to meet each other again:)

Please find my contact below and wish you all the best in the future!

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