Launched my master thesis finally

Today I talked with my supervisor again and finally and officially launched my Master Thesis!

The next coming 12 months I will focus on developing a methodology on analyzing the performance bottleneck of large-scale multi-threaded software. I am really excited in the challenging problem about how to find the performance bottleneck when we are moving to many-core systems with hundreds of threads running concurrently. There will be a lot of fun and I believe I can learn a lot from it.

Another fun thing is, in the project plan written by my supervisor, the total budget is written as “81 000 KSEK” incorrectly, I hope Ericsson will not notice that mistake and if so, they have to pay a lot of  money to us since they have approved this project:)

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  1. Hi former lab partner!
    I just wanted to wish you good luck this thesis. Sounds really interesting!

  2. @Chen
    Nop, I came back in France by the end of august. Now, I’m seeking a job in the south of France. I finally got my master degree!