Intel Nehalem微处理器架构 by Glenn Hinton (Intel Fellow)

Intel的Nehalem是一个空前成功的设计。做架构最重要的本事就是学会做折衷(Tradeoff)。 Nehalem的Lead Architect Glenn Hinton在Stanford ee380这门课上详细讲解了Nehalem设计时的几个关键选择,特此分享给大家。

Intel’s Nehalem family of CPUs span from large multi-socket 32 core/64 thread systems to ultra small form factor laptops. What were some of the key tradeoffs in architecting and developing the Nehalem family of CPUs? What pipeline should it use? Should it optimize for servers? For desktops? For Laptops? There are lots of tradeoffs here. This talk will discuss some of the tradeoffs and results.


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